How to check if I am in the National Debt Register BIG?

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Including in the National Debt Register BIG may have very serious consequences for any company or individual. Problems with obtaining a loan and making purchases in installments are just some examples. To avoid them, you should always pay your financial obligations in a timely manner. It is also worth checking from time to time whether our data was found in the Register due to some oversight.


What is the National Debt Register BIG and how can you get there?

What is the National Debt Register BIG and how can you get there?

National Debt Register Economic Information Bureau is an institution whose functioning is enshrined in the Act on the provision of economic information and the exchange of economic data. Initially, the register covered only business entities (from sole proprietorships to the largest corporations), however, after changing the regulations in 2010, KRD BIG also became available to individuals, municipalities and the so-called secondary creditors.

Entering in the National Debt Register BIG is most often associated with problems that may arise if you are applying for a cash loan. In fact, the person or company whose data is there may also have problems with purchases in installments, contracts with mobile operators, cable networks, the Internet or even renting an office or apartment. These consequences act even more deterrently on potential debtors, because you really do n’t need much to be on the KRD list. For companies, the amount of debt exceeding $ 500 is sufficient, for consumers only $ 200.


How to check whether you have been entered in the National Debt Register BIG?

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In the event of any suspicion that our data has been included in the Register, it is enough to use the statutory provision on the possibility of checking the status in KRD BIG free of charge. Free check of your data is available every six months. To do this, you must create an account on the consumer protection website, and then confirm the identification data and your identity. As part of verifying the accuracy of data, a scan of the identity document of the person setting up the account should be sent to the KRD.

After confirming the data and activating the account, its owner gains access to its history in the National Debt Register BIG, including whether it has been added to the database of debtors, who and on what basis entered our data there and how our obligations are presented towards individual creditors.

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