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A Love Affair With Cleanliness

Since time immemorial Belarusians have had a love affair with cleanliness, even more so than the Dutch who are completely obsessive about keeping everything in their range of vision absolutely spotless. This of course is how the name Dutch Cleanser came about. And having been to Holland I can verify that this almost insane devotion to keeping everything clean is absolutely true. I witnessed shopkeepers on their hands and knees scrubbing the pavement (sidewalk) outside their premises.

Belarusians have a similar obsession with keeping their humble abodes as pristine as possible. In the time of fairies and hobgoblins they would use elbow grease, the fat extracted from the elbow of the Belarusian wild boar. This substance had the ability to remove elf blood and dragon snot with just a few wipes from a toga. This practice was so effective that it continued well into the 20th century when chemical based cleansers took over as heavy television advertising persuaded Belarusians that newer amish cleaning products were better. We of course know otherwise.

Recently a natural cleanser has been catching on that harkens back to the good old days. The product is called Dutch Glow and it has been getting rave reviews from quite a few people. It was developed by an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania who wanted an effective cleaner for his farm tools. The results were so impressive he decided to market it. Today it is selling like a house on fire online.

Part of the attraction of Dutch Glow is that it uses no chemicals and can be used to clean grime and burnt food residue from stoves as well as wine stains from marble and granite. Heating the product seems to increase its effectiveness and a quick trip to the microwave is rewarded with even greater effectiveness.

The price is quite reasonable. Two bottles of concentrate – enough to make 16 pints of the diluted cleaner will cost you just under $31 including shipping. That less than $1 a pint. I am told that this cleanser is so gentle you can use it to bathe the Gloghounds that are used in Belarus to find deposits of naturally occurring glue. And I am told that this is exactly what Belarusians are doing with it.