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Navumau’s Resignation Is a Consequence of Major Changes

On April 6 Lukashenka accepted resignation of Interior Minister Uladzimier Navumau.

The formal explication of the resignation is not credible. Uladzimier Navumau recently showed an excellent physical condition.

It is unlikely that the cause of resignation was the letter of anonymous employees of law-enforcement bodies critical towards Navumau which had been recently circulated on Internet.

Also there are grounds to doubt other possible causes of resignation which are being put forward by some observers.

We Need a Dialogue with Specific Demands

Andrei Liakhovich 

On March 16 foreign ministers of the EU countries extended the moratorium on sanctions against several Belarusian officials including Lukashenka.

It is apparent today that the European Union seeks to draw Belarus in cooperation (including the Eastern Partnership programme), and thus to strengthen independence of Belarus from Russia without making tough political demands to Lukashenka’s regime.