About Us

Belarus is a beautiful country. It is also a land of many contradictions, contrasts and paradoxes. It is surely a paradox that the Belarusian nation, conscious of the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, has no sense of identity and attachment to its language, the spirit of unity and common heritage. It is a nation which, in a democratic ballot, elected to the post of president a person who proved not to be at the service to his country and its inhabitants. He has shown that his sole goal is to hold on to power. It is a nation which, for over a decade now, has not mustered enough strength and courage to tell the president: ‘thank you, new times need a new and a different leader’.

Our website has been created in response to an acute need for information on the current situation in Belarus in various fields of life.

‘Belarus-Live’ is an attempt to supplement the existing coverage of current events in Belarus. There are many websites in both the Belarusian and Russian language reporting on Belarus from that country but because of the language barrier they are little known in Western Europe, particularly among those who shape the policies vis a vis Belarus.

Our aim is give an objective, unbiased picture of Belarus. Our coverage includes both official events and those which stand no chance of being publicized in the country’s officially-sanctioned media.

We do not focus on politics alone. We see culture as a no-less important area. Our long-term intention is to make Belarus-Live an interactive forum for the exchange of ideas between the users of the site in Belarus and between them and those in other countries.

As part of the project, a weekly bulletin is planned. It will be available free-of-charge on the Internet.

An un-biased approach and professionalism are the key tenets of our policy. We are fully convinced that it is the only way to win our readers’ trust in the sources and content of our news output.

Each news bulletin contains both official information as reported by the Belarusian pro-government media, and the information conveyed by the opposition and representatives of civic society.

Our partners are Belarusian journalists working for the European Radio for Belarus as well as journalists of the Belarusian, Russian, English and German Services of Radio Polonia (the External Broadcast of Polish Radio).

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