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Cheapest Online Store For Laptop and PC? Here You Save Money! – Loan Finance and Money

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Are you looking for the cheapest online store for buying laptop or new PC / computer and equipment? We have looked more closely at the online store Angelo, which in both 2007 and 2008 was named Norway's cheapest online store by the website. If you are planning to buy a new PC whether it is a laptop or a desktop you should follow our site, as many guides on just this will eventually come here 

In terms of design, it could have been something nicer

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But all in all things are fine and clear. The ordering process goes like a dream and you for good guidance understandably in a few steps. Angelo has a large selection of Laptop and PC and perhaps especially from the major manufacturers IBM, HP or Acer. The first thing we like about Angelo's online store is that it is quite good and user friendly. 

Online store experiences 

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We have been using Angelo as a supplier of PC and computer equipment for a long time both privately and for companies and no significant problems have ever arisen. What initially enticed us were the cheap prices. It's easy to get lured in when you hear from others that Angelo is the cheapest on PC and data! This is exactly the case with cheap data components that have led them to capture market share relative to giants like Komplett and PS Data.

Delivery time

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The vast majority of the goods they sell are not sent from the online store's own inventory but instead from subcontractors. This means that you get several separate packages from subcontractors if you buy different things on the same order. In other words, it does mean that delivery time may seem somewhat variable, but still it goes smoothly. Our experience tells us that the delivery time is typically from 2-4 days, as long as the product you are shopping for is in stock.

In only 2 cases have we had to request a return of goods from Angelo. And in both cases, our dialogue with client managers has been unconditionally good, and return has been painless. This gives a sense of security at the bottom, which is important when shopping online. Knowing that you can pick up the phone and actually manage to get in touch with those you shop with without any problems. It certainly seems like Angelo is taking the customer seriously