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Get Out Of Rent: 9 Risks That Debts Bring To Your Health

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Being in debt affects a person's entire routine. The sleepless nights and the quick head give you no room to think about anything else. Moreover, it is at these times that the doors open to a host of other problems. Yes, debt affects even our health!

Just as not to hurt yourself further, get out of rent as soon as possible and start living in your own to have more control over your finances and a better quality of life!

If you haven't stopped thinking about it, it's time to read this post. Making smart decisions, such as buying your own home, is an alternative to adjusting your budget to your reality and investing in financial security in the long run.

Ready to convince yourself that you shouldn't accumulate debt and pay expensive rent without payback? So check out some of the main risks that debt brings to health!


Understand How Debts Affect Your Health

debt health

It is no use exercising, eating well, and taking vitamins if you are stressed and worried. Learn: The level of stress we experience directly impacts our quality of life, reducing immunity. With the upside down routine, several areas begin to clutter, making the situation worse.

See below the main health problems brought by debt!


Insomnia: Sleeping Hard

Sleep is our primary means of replenishing energy, helping to restore the body to the next day's journey. Insomnia is just the opposite of this body recovery, representing difficulty in sleeping due to restlessness, light and troubled sleep or restless sleep.

Insomnia can bring harm such as:

  • irritability;
  • drowsiness throughout the day;
  • high pressure;
  • weak and unprotected immune system.


Stress and Anxiety: Take Quiet Charges

Stress and Anxiety: Take Quiet Charges

When the telephone rings or billing letters arrives, the symptoms of stress and anxiety soon appear. This is because the brain sends 2 hormones to the body that are directly related to this mental situation: adrenaline and cortisol.

With a daily injection of these hormones, the body can suffer major problems such as:

  • high pressure;
  • high cholesterol;
  • leakage;
  • infarction;
  • diabetes;
  • tall triglycerides;
  • obesity

Relationship Complications: Life A 2 Is Shaken

There is a saying that when money runs out, love comes out the window. Sounds strong, doesn't it? But take a look: when a relationship that is not built on trust and companionship goes through financial problems, it can get to the bottom.

Share your difficulties with your partner and don't let debt and stress end the relationship. Remember that the problems couples face as a result of debt are numerous. As bad as the situation is, so share it with your partner. Solutions come easier when we share problems with someone we know will support us and help us find a way out.


Lack of concentration: focus always comes back to problems

Lack of concentration: focus always comes back to problems

Who can focus on a bunch of buzzing thoughts, can't they? Because this lack of concentration can generate many professional and personal problems. In traffic, for example, many accidents happen by pure dispersion.

Try to forget about debt for a moment (it's hard, but possible) and do relaxation exercises. How about meditation to be silent for a few minutes emptying the mind? Also stroll through places where you can have contact with nature to reenergize.


Distraction at work: until performance drops

To work well, it takes concentration, doesn't it? The point is that concentration does not match irritation, anxiety and stress, characteristics of those who are concerned with the accounts. The result is that the situation worsens, the work income falls, endangering even their professional stability.

The ideal is to take advantage of the moment of work to disappear, at least momentarily forgetting the debts. This will help you not only maintain your source of income, but help you to relax a little and ease the tension.


Social withdrawal: no money left for leisure

no money

When we need to save, we usually reduce spending on leisure activities first. In fact, this is usually the wisest thing to do. However, being radical and not relaxing at any time will only increase your stress and health problems.

The best thing to do, therefore, is to look for cheaper entertainment alternatives. Family bike rides, trips to the park, picnics in the square, and visiting friends and family are all great options.


Headache: The Constant Company In Anguish

Often the headache is caused by stress. So when we say this is going to give us a nasty headache, we don't just refer to the figurative sense. There are even situations that cause headaches and even migraines.

When we are concerned, our habits change dramatically, such as:

  • lose nights of sleep;
  • remain stressed all day long;
  • consumes foods with a lot of caffeine;
  • be without food for extended hours.

All of this can make your health worse. And look, these are just some of the health problems caused by debt, see? Anyone who has been through this really has a lot of history to tell…


Seek to improve your financial situation

financial loan

The way out of all these harms is to rearrange your financial situation. The focus should be on lowering everyday costs to achieve greater peace of mind and quality of life. Thus, you do not have to live under constant stress and anxiety.

One of the main expenses of the budget is, of course, rent, which consumes at least ⅓ of your gross income. This is because, in addition to paying the value of the lease, you have to bear costs such as property tax, fire insurance and, in some cases, even bail insurance. Getting rid of such an expensive expense can be very good for your health as you will be investing in what is yours!

In addition, getting out of rent also has side benefits. In a property of your own, you can better customize the spaces, making changes according to the needs of the family.

Sometimes the house is not ventilated enough or gets that afternoon sun that drowns out even the thoughts. This calls for changes that a rental property cannot have without permission of the owner. In your home, on the other hand, you do as you please!


Get out of rent with the help of a consortium

debt loan

If heavy bills don't give you room to raise money and buy your own home, be sure: start thinking about a consortium. With no entry and smoother performance that fits in your pocket, achieving that goal becomes much easier.

The absence of heavy bank interest also makes this option much more attractive than traditional financing. Best of all, you have time to plan each step while you wait for contemplation, which will happen with much less paperwork than in banking processes!

The consortium can really be a hand in hand to reduce the ills of debt for your health. With that in mind, therefore, start investing soon to improve your financial situation and reduce your spending!

Want to see how the consortium fits right into your budget and is much cheaper than living on rent? Get a simulation right now and start planning to change your life!

For whom is the consolidation loan thought

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Getting into a spiral of debt is not difficult at all. This is because most people who resort to some kind of loan or credit have an equal source of income. If you use the money from a loan - you have to pay the rate from this source. And since it has been insufficient for daily needs so far, there is no reason to believe that it will be enough to meet another financial obligation. The consolidation of moments can help in such a situation. These are the momentary moments that are the most common non-banking product, leading to a spiral of debt.

Why is it difficult to repay temporary loans?

Why is it difficult to repay temporary loans?

Characteristic features of the current moments are: short loan period, low availability of money for lending, high interest rates from the first day of the delay and the need to pay out the entire amount once. It's worth adding another feature to these features - the simplicity of receiving such a current payment. The repayment of current payments is therefore really difficult if it has been zero each month so far, when it comes to the balances of revenue and expenditure. After a month, it is difficult to take a sudden amount of several hundred or several thousand dollars in Verizon interest and to lend a loan on time.

For such people, the company has prepared a modern financial product - the consolidation of moments for debtors. This is a larger loan that allows you to fully cover the costs of the moments you have taken so far, and at the same time get rid of the debt in several loan companies. The early repayment of non-bank products also helps to stop the calculation of additional interest rates, thereby slowly reducing rather than further deepening the liability incurred. Nowadays this is the best way to get out of the current loop.

Consolidation of bank loans

Consolidation of bank loans

The consolidation loan granted in the bank is formally a bit more radical. To get such a loan to repay other loans, you need to have a good credit history. Obtaining a consolidation loan is therefore somewhat time consuming and complicated, but it allows you to get a debt that is easier to pay off.

Credit consolidation is recommended for individuals who have used multiple bank products - credit card limits, direct debits, installment payments in a furniture store, consumer credit for a washing machine, mortgage loans for an apartment. Nowadays, many young people live this way and practically do not go to zero, because they use debit and credit cards that have to be repaid. Every deposit into her account goes almost immediately to settle all her obligations, and her living expenses are covered, as usual - from the credit limit for the next month.

Is it worth it to take out a consolidation loan?

Is it worth it to take out a consolidation loan?

Debt credit for people who live up to the example above can be a cool way to finally have black and white as much as it seems. Consolidating multiple liabilities into a single account and paying only one account makes things much easier. You do not have to pay attention to the schedule, pay out several credits, and sometimes it's really hard to find the connection. There is no need to transfer installments to many different accounts, which can add extra fees to the bank and also waste time. A consolidation loan helps you to collect all your debts in a single amount and pay only one installment per month.

It's noteworthy that as in the past, people often live quite chaotic - they do not know how much they have and do not check it because they are overdrawn. They do not calculate if they have enough money by the end of the month because they can always buy something on their credit card.

In this way, you can lose control of your income and expenses, not even knowing that you have lived beyond your means for a long time and spend more than you earn! Unfortunately, this is not conducive to building financial independence, which is why such people are often stuck in a job that does not satisfy them, because they can not afford to give up and take a break from work to seek their own way of life.

The early repayment of loans thanks to a consolidation loan is therefore one thing, and not the inclusion of new ones - another. Unfortunately, the only way to get out of the loop of current cards and credit cards is to repay debts and stop taking new ones. This in turn requires you to tighten your belt, give up some of your pleasures, and slow down your spending. Although consolidation loans allow you to get rid of several vendors simultaneously and have only one at a time, they are still loans. They have to be repaid, the timetable must be adhered to and the expenses must be limited.

Cheapest Online Store For Laptop and PC? Here You Save Money! – Loan Finance and Money

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Are you looking for the cheapest online store for buying laptop or new PC / computer and equipment? We have looked more closely at the online store Angelo, which in both 2007 and 2008 was named Norway's cheapest online store by the website. If you are planning to buy a new PC whether it is a laptop or a desktop you should follow our site, as many guides on just this will eventually come here 

In terms of design, it could have been something nicer

money cash


But all in all things are fine and clear. The ordering process goes like a dream and you for good guidance understandably in a few steps. Angelo has a large selection of Laptop and PC and perhaps especially from the major manufacturers IBM, HP or Acer. The first thing we like about Angelo's online store is that it is quite good and user friendly. 

Online store experiences 

money cash


We have been using Angelo as a supplier of PC and computer equipment for a long time both privately and for companies and no significant problems have ever arisen. What initially enticed us were the cheap prices. It's easy to get lured in when you hear from others that Angelo is the cheapest on PC and data! This is exactly the case with cheap data components that have led them to capture market share relative to giants like Komplett and PS Data.

Delivery time

money cash


The vast majority of the goods they sell are not sent from the online store's own inventory but instead from subcontractors. This means that you get several separate packages from subcontractors if you buy different things on the same order. In other words, it does mean that delivery time may seem somewhat variable, but still it goes smoothly. Our experience tells us that the delivery time is typically from 2-4 days, as long as the product you are shopping for is in stock.

In only 2 cases have we had to request a return of goods from Angelo. And in both cases, our dialogue with client managers has been unconditionally good, and return has been painless. This gives a sense of security at the bottom, which is important when shopping online. Knowing that you can pick up the phone and actually manage to get in touch with those you shop with without any problems. It certainly seems like Angelo is taking the customer seriously

Loan guarantor what you should know

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Many people resign from applying for a loan at the bank, claiming that they do not have sufficient creditworthiness. Yes, the bank lending process is more demanding and time-consuming than applying for a loan from a non-bank institution, but thanks to that we can count on much more favorable conditions, and thus a lower price. Therefore, before we give up bank financing so quickly, we should carefully analyze our creditworthiness, and check what options we have to effectively increase it. As our experience shows, many people not only do not know what to do to improve their image in the eyes of the bank, and even do not realize that it is possible at all. In this article, we would like to present one of the most effective ways to increase creditworthiness, which is the loan guarantor.

What is a loan guarantee

What is a loan guarantee

Before we tell who and how can become a loan guarantor, and thus help to increase our creditworthiness, we will answer the question what a loan guarantee is.

The legislator himself comes to our aid. In accordance with art. 876 of the Civil Code , through a surety agreement, the guarantor undertakes to the creditor to perform the obligation in the event that the debtor does not perform the obligation. The guarantor's declaration should be made in writing or otherwise it is null and void. More colloquially, a surety is a third party's obligation to settle an obligation in exchange for a debtor at the time of his insolvency. It is concluded in the form of a separate agreement between the bank and the guarantor.

Loan guarantor and bank benefits

Loan guarantor and bank benefits

From the bank's perspective, the guarantor of the loan is primarily additional security. In a standard situation, when we are only liable for the liability, in the event of loss of income source, we also have nothing to pay off our debts with. When entering into the loan agreement, the loan guarantor was added as collateral, when the source of income was lost and the installments were stopped, the bank "reaches into the pocket" of the loan guarantor.

When, for some reason, the debtor does not repay the installments in full or has ceased repayment at all, the bank, in the event of the inability to collect the debt from the debtor's assets, asks the guarantor. IMPORTANT! When deciding on a loan surety, you should also remember about your rights. One of them is to ensure that the surety agreement is structured in such a way that before the bank reaches our assets it will be required to use all possibilities to collect debts from the borrower, including establishing a mortgage on the borrower's property. The bank has the right to apply to the loan guarantor for repayment of installments in full for the debtor who fails to comply with the contract. What's more, the guarantor of the loan obliged to repay the amount in full, is also required to repay interest on late repayment.
IMPORTANT! When establishing a surety, it is worth including a provision regarding the obligation for the bank to inform the guarantor of the fact that the debtor avoids paying off installments and, despite contacting him, is still in arrears with repayment. It is also good to determine to what extent the loan guarantor is responsible for the debt - if we do not, we are responsible for the entire debt, including interest.

Therefore, it can be said that the bank has double security for repayment of liabilities incurred. It significantly reduces the risk of lending, because it has not only one person but as many as two from whom he can demand repayment of receivables.

How does the loan guarantor affect our credit standing

How does the loan guarantor affect our credit standing

In turn, for a potential borrower, adding a loan guarantor to a loan means a significant increase in creditworthiness, which means also a better chance of obtaining financing from a bank, as well as obtaining much better credit terms. Thanks to the loan guarantor, people who have not had the chance to obtain financing in a bank so far, due to insufficient creditworthiness, can apply for a bank loan.

Collateral on third-party income is also an opportunity to apply for much larger amounts. For example, let us recall a well-known loan for an apartment , which is often decided jointly by the spouses or partners. At such a time, creditworthiness is the financial situation of not one, but two people. Creditworthiness determined on the basis of revenues and expenses of two people will, as a rule, be much more favorable, and thus will allow you to apply for significantly higher loan amounts. Two people are also responsible for repayment, which means that the bank's credit risk is much lower. When two people are applying for funding, it is not only easier to get a positive bank decision but you can also apply for a much higher commitment. Thus, a loan with a guarantor will work the same, which increases not only our chances of getting financing but also for much higher loan amounts.

Appropriate security is also an opportunity to negotiate a better price. Not one person claims that loans are expensive. However, the bank aims to monetize its products, so it's not surprising. In addition, the bank also looks at the customer from a longer perspective. He wants to keep the client. This means that, in addition to the general loan conditions, each financing is individually tailored to the borrower. Thus, a number of factors influence the final price of the loan. When we decide to take advantage of insurance, add another product from the offer to the loan or establish additional collateral in the form of loan guarantee, we can count on the reduction of the financing price.

Who can be a loan guarantor?

As we indicated at the beginning, the loan guarantor is obliged to repay the debt in a situation when the bank is unable to collect the debt from the borrower. When deciding on a loan surety, we must be aware of the obligation we have. We will not feel it at all until the borrower repays the debt on time. However, if the installments are not repaid and the borrower cannot recover the debt, the loan guarantor becomes the debtor for the bank, from which he will demand the settlement of the debt with interest due.

One may be tempted to declare that anyone who could apply for a loan in a bank can become a loan guarantor. It can be a member of our family, friend or acquaintance. However, the loan guarantor can also be a completely stranger who gives his consent. The most important are income and sufficiently high creditworthiness to make a commitment.

The question of who can be a loan guarantor is one thing. The most important, however, is the awareness of what this involves and whether we really want to take responsibility on our shoulders. A loan with a surety is an invaluable help and advantage for the borrower. We can apply for a loan for which we would not have a chance alone. In the case of a loan guarantor, this is only a liability and not a small one that can often cause many problems. What's more, it reduces creditworthiness. The loan guarantee is treated as a normal loan obligation, even though we are not actually a party to the loan agreement.

What documents do you need to collect?

A loan agreement with a surety is an obligation to collect all necessary documents that are required in a given establishment when granting a given type of obligations. The only difference in this case will be the type of security, and thus the establishment of a loan guarantor.

The loan guarantor is obliged to sign a contract with the bank, in which he agrees to repay the liability when the borrower does not. Just like the definition of a surety, all regulations related to it are also regulated by the Civil Code.

When deciding on the loan surety, we also decide to undergo the standard pre-loan verification. Although we are not a party to the loan agreement but only a guarantor, our credit standing, i.e. financial standing and credit history, will also be verified. The bank must be sure that the collateral will be effective and the loan guarantor will be able to repay the liability when the borrower shakes away. This means that the guarantor of the loan will also have to present to the bank all documents necessary for the lending process, such as a certificate of employment and income or information on currently repaid liabilities.

Can the loan guarantor get his money back?

Yes, there is such a chance. The loan guarantor can get his money back, but this is not a straight line. First of all, it should start with the fact that this does not release the guarantor from the obligation to repay the debt.

At this point, the subject of our interest will be a recourse claim, also known as repayable benefit. It involves applying for a refund of funds placed on behalf of another person to pay off their debts. To be able to do this, it is unequivocal with the fact that before we had to cover someone's commitment.

Credit surety, which is often supposed to be a mere formality, in practice turns out to be a source of not small problems. Who would want to pay back his debt? Before you decide to become a loan guarantor, think several times whether the person whose loan you want to guarantee is trustworthy. Remember also about your rights and make sure that the loan guarantee agreement is the most beneficial for you.

How to check if I am in the National Debt Register BIG?

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Including in the National Debt Register BIG may have very serious consequences for any company or individual. Problems with obtaining a loan and making purchases in installments are just some examples. To avoid them, you should always pay your financial obligations in a timely manner. It is also worth checking from time to time whether our data was found in the Register due to some oversight.


What is the National Debt Register BIG and how can you get there?

What is the National Debt Register BIG and how can you get there?

National Debt Register Economic Information Bureau is an institution whose functioning is enshrined in the Act on the provision of economic information and the exchange of economic data. Initially, the register covered only business entities (from sole proprietorships to the largest corporations), however, after changing the regulations in 2010, KRD BIG also became available to individuals, municipalities and the so-called secondary creditors.

Entering in the National Debt Register BIG is most often associated with problems that may arise if you are applying for a cash loan. In fact, the person or company whose data is there may also have problems with purchases in installments, contracts with mobile operators, cable networks, the Internet or even renting an office or apartment. These consequences act even more deterrently on potential debtors, because you really do n't need much to be on the KRD list. For companies, the amount of debt exceeding $ 500 is sufficient, for consumers only $ 200.


How to check whether you have been entered in the National Debt Register BIG?

debt loan

In the event of any suspicion that our data has been included in the Register, it is enough to use the statutory provision on the possibility of checking the status in KRD BIG free of charge. Free check of your data is available every six months. To do this, you must create an account on the consumer protection website, and then confirm the identification data and your identity. As part of verifying the accuracy of data, a scan of the identity document of the person setting up the account should be sent to the KRD.

After confirming the data and activating the account, its owner gains access to its history in the National Debt Register BIG, including whether it has been added to the database of debtors, who and on what basis entered our data there and how our obligations are presented towards individual creditors.

Which obligations can provide quick cash to those in debt?

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Can people in debt also get financial support? Is quick cash for those in debt possible? All those who struggle to pay their debts and who need cash urgently ask themselves these questions. This is not surprising, after all, each of us may need support and this is also perfectly understood by loan companies.

That is why they are at our service and offer many different types of commitments, including those that can provide quick cash. What are the obligations here? Here are some suggestions.

Online installment loan

Online installment loan

The first commitment that is able to provide quick cash comes under the name of an online installment loan. As the name suggests, we are dealing with a product offered online, so quick cash for those in debt is possible even without leaving home. To complete the loan application, you only need a device with network access.

For this purpose, we can equally use a telephone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop computer. An online installment loan is available 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. It takes from a dozen or so minutes to several hours to process it, so anyone who takes care of the formalities can receive a response at an express pace.

Loan for proof for those in debt

Loan for proof for those in debt

An example of an express loan is a loan for ID card for those in debt. Its characteristic feature is the fact that it is given as proof. All you have to do is report to the lender's nearest stationary point with a valid ID to quickly complete the loan application. It is a product dedicated to indebted people, so you do not need to submit any additional certificates or documents.

The lender does not check the registers of debtors, nor does he expect creditworthiness, and formalities can be dealt with immediately. The processing of the application also does not take long, so if you make a positive decision, you can complete the formalities and receive the necessary cash even on the same day.

Mortgage simulation – Comparator loan immo

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You want to buy real estate or build your home and you need a credit? Faced with the many offers of the market and the proposals and conditions of banks and lending institutions, it is not always easy to navigate and especially to find its interest! Here are the tips of our specialists to know everything about real estate credit.

How to get a mortgage?

money cash

Getting a home loan is not always as easy as you might think. As for benefiting from advantageous financial conditions, that's another story! Know that it is imperative to have a solid, viable and reassuring record to inspire confidence in the bank or credit agency before which you present yourself. To better guide you, here are some important elements that must constitute your file.

The personal contribution

Personal contribution is not systematically required, not everyone has it. Nevertheless, an intake inspires confidence and the higher the amount, the more serious your case will be. Your banker will be reassured, because a good contribution proves that you are able to save and commit yourself to pay your monthly payments on time, without difficulty.

The debt ratio

The debt ratio is the calculation of all your monthly payments of credit vis-à-vis your income. Banks and lending institutions systematically inquire about this rate and generally accept a value of up to 33%. In other words, your monthly loan repayment must not exceed one third of the amount of your monthly income. Banks are very demanding with low-income households because of their greater fragility, but they are less demanding with households with high and very high incomes (with a tolerance of 50% of the debt ratio).

Your income and their sustainability

To grant you a mortgage, a banker will require reliable guarantees including stable income throughout the duration of your credit. If you have a permanent job, you will be more likely to be granted credit than someone on a fixed-term contract or temporary. As for entrepreneurs, they can only be granted a loan by justifying higher incomes than a permanent employee. Finally, be aware that if you have been on a permanent contract for several years, your file will be taken more seriously than if you are just starting out; waiting a year or two sometimes allows you to benefit from a more advantageous credit.

Your banking attitude

Before deciding whether or not to grant a home loan, the bank or lending agency will review your banking behavior. If you have difficulties to finish your month ends in the positive despite a lack of rent and credit, your record may not inspire confidence. It is advisable to have sound and monitored finances, and at best an ELP; you are then assured of being taken seriously, listened to and answered.

The terms of real estate loans

money cash

The duration of the mortgage

Depending on your debt ratio, you may be forced to borrow on a very long term for lower monthly payments but more expensive credit, or on a shorter period for higher monthly payments but a cheaper credit. The choice is based on your lifestyle and the benefits that suit you most: lower monthly payments to get more money per month, or higher monthly payments to finish paying back your loan sooner.

Ancillary costs

In most cases, the borrower must take out loan insurance to secure his loan. This insurance allows the bank to be covered in the event of death, illness or disability. In addition, the unemployment guarantee also protects the lending institution in case of job loss.

As for the application fees, they are included in the TEG and do not exceed 1.5% of the cost of the loan. However, try to negotiate this amount with your bank, especially if your file is solid and reliable.

Real estate credit and rate negotiations

Real estate credit and rate negotiations

Real estate rates keep changing according to years and periods. Nowadays, they are around 2% for an average of 25 years. This currently low rate is interesting and it is therefore preferable and advisable to opt for a fixed rate credit. Indeed, a fixed rate is established at the signing of the loan according to the current market; as a result, when the trend is low, you will be winning. Opting for a variable rate in such a period will only present the risk of the rate going up. A floating rate is interesting when the market is rising, since it allows you to benefit from the variations of the values ​​over the years, often to your advantage. Finally, a cap rate has the advantage of allowing you to benefit from a very low rate during the first years of your credit; it can then increase without exceeding a ceiling that will have been set when signing the contract to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Do not rush on the first offer that will be made to you; compare and negotiate, you will get even more interesting rates. Play the competition, you can only win!